What is Morgalad Fantasy RPG ?

Morgalad is a D6 based fantasy RPG and set in the Late Iron Age. The game functions on a simple success/fail system configured with a dice pool mechanic. Players use a dice pool that can be upgraded and customized by using character points obtained by leveling up. The purpose of this game is to offer an old school style “crunchy system” and still maintaining heavy emphasis on role playing.

Most of all there will be no multiple editions. Players shape the game world and system according to their preferences. Yearly expansions offer new levels, creatures, and optional rules.

The 4D6 System

The custom D6 system also allows players to roll 4 six sided dice (4D6). If a learned ability applies, they roll against a Difficulty Rating(DR) determined by the Host. If no learned ability applies, players will add +5 to the Difficulty Rating and roll an attribute challenge.

Magic and Combat

Magic is an arcane power channeled through those capable of learning to control it. Energy is utilized to keep up with spell use. Also magic has a chance to critically succeed or fumble.

The difficulty ratings range from easy, normal, difficult, advanced, and exceptional.

Combat works similar to spellcasting because it uses the standard 4d6 + any modifications vs opponents defenses. If the character’s actions exceeds their opponents defenses by 10 or more points then it is considered a critical success, and if the character fails by 10 or more points its considered a critical fumble.

What is in the Core Rulebook?

The Core Rulebook, is first and foremost, one book to encompass everything; Player’s Guide, Host’s Guide, and Creature Compendium. This fantasy role playing game is set in a pre-medieval era. The game offers an alternative approach to fantasy settings with a new unique combat and magick system. Most of all, Morgalad offers the old school high fantasy charm with a more narrative flair. The Mechanics use a dice pool system comprised of D6, based upon a characters skill, level, and attributes. Characters are built by choosing a base species and applying a professional template upon it. Therefore with over 100+ species in the creature compendium, and 50+ abilities available to each profession, every player has the ability to customize their character to be unlike any other.

Where to begin?

New players can learn to play Morgalad by downloading the Morgalad Fantasy Starterbook and by visiting the text based adventure Man-Sized in Maple.